Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh no... closet cleaning at midnight..someone stop me!

I just posted my notes on what I cleaned this weekend and figured that I would see what Zone the FlyLady was working on this week (to keep my motivation) and low and behold.... on Fly Lady this week is the GREAT CLOSET CLEANOUT! Oh my!

One of the things I was tempted to work on was my linen closet-- somehow we have a ton of towels and a ton of bed sheets (yet I can never find any twin sized ones for the kids beds when I need one- go figure!) If you go and check out scroll about half way down on the home page to read this week's zone, if you look at the week's sneak peek- you can see the plan for the entire week. Which is what I did... and was thinking... I should really go clean out that linen closet- I know exactly what I want to clear out and what I want to organize in there. But I think I should wait- it is almost midnight and tomorrow is our first day back to school after the 3-day weekend. I should really get some sleep!!

So I will head to bed in a minute and leave the linen closet until next weekend. (I'll let you know how it goes when I get it all done!)

Good Night! ;-)

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Lisa Zaro said...

Have you checked out the website

They send tips out weekly on being organized. It is a great site! It works when I work it LOL